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  ROOFING GRADES - SPUNBOND POLYESTER                  *Bitumen Applications* 


  •   Largest producers of spunbond & needlepunch material in the world, 20+ lines

  •   Up to 5 meters wide production lines

  •   100 to 300 GSM

  •   Very good mechanical properties for all bitumen roofing membranes

  •   Roofing and industrial applications


  •    Non-reinforced mat

  •    Reinforced mat with fiberglass filament MD

  •    Compound base

The reinforced mat and compound base are used as an improved material in producing APP/SBS.  The compound base made of fiberglass mesh and nonwoven fabrics can replace regular fiberglass mat.  Both the reinforced mat and compound base improve the resist tensile strength and tear strength.

Contact us with your roofing requirements.  We will find the best products and supply you with samples and technical data information. 


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