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NEW Technologies


New Bi-Component PET Spunbond Line

       PET + CoPET filaments are randomly arranged and thermally bonded at

       filament junctions. 

       Trilobal & round filament, 2 to 8 dpf, flat & point bond.

       Basis weights: 10-370 gsm

       Width Range:   100-3300 mm

       Options:  Antistatic - Antibiotic - Hydrophilic - Fire retardant 



​~ Pool & Spa Filtration                  ~ Automotive Interior Components

~ Air Filtration                               ~ Fabric Softener Sheets

~ Drinking Water Filtration            ~ Landscaping

~ Oil Filtration                               ~ Fiber Reinforced Plastics

Offering unique materials from new lines in addition to needlepunch and laminating lines.  These special technologies offer technical nonwoven products not available anywhere. Color printing available on all lines.


Contact us today for samples & information.

Phone: 1-508-751-9200


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