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                FIRST QUALITY


G8. PLA (Polylactic Acid) Thermobonded Nonwoven

            Made from bicomponent staple fibers.

            GSM range from 15 - 100 GSM

            Applications include medical and hygiene products.

            Please contact us for samples and information.

H8. House Wrap - Roof Underlayment

            High grade house wrap and roofing underlayment.

            3 Layer Composite:

                 Spunbond PP/ Breathable Membrane PP/ Spunbond PP

            * Basis weights 90 to 200 GSM

            * Customized colors and printing on rolls

            * Roll put-ups to commercial consumer sales - store ready

            * Lowest price points in the world !

            Call us for data sheets and overview of the product.


                        AVAILABLE FINISHED PRODUCTS

B12. Medical Gowns Available - Made to order

            SMS or SS

            First Grade

            Low cost from a gown making line.



                     JOB LOT - SECONDS - BYPRODUCTS

C12. Spunbond PP and SMS - Major Producer

            1.  Spunbond PP and SMS rolls seconds.

                 Various basis weights and colors, roll widths, etc.

                 Some rolls are perfect quality, some less perfect.

            2. Same material - Spunbond PP and SMS - in bales.


            Combined 200,000 to 300,000 pounds monthly.

            Rolls and bales sold separately.


A11. Fluff Pulp - Bales in stretch-wrap packaging

            Available from various locations: Mississippi, TN, Canada

            May not always be same brand.

            Fit 30,000 lbs. in 40' High cube container

            $450 per metric tone

            Multiple containers available monthly

C11. Baby & Adult Diapers - 2nds in bales

            90% are good quality and usable

            Multiple truckloads/ container loads available monthly

            Adult diaper bales $0.25/lb

            Baby diaper bales $0.60/lb

            FOB Southeast US

F11. 100% Cellulose Spunlace Rolls

            Ongoing supply.  Full diameters.

            Wrapped and capped

            Very absorbent!

            Applications:  All wiper applications

            Type 1 - 50 gsm, smooth surface,

                          Rolls 10"-14" wide; mostly 12" wide 


            Type 2 - 70-75 gsm, slight diamond pattern.

                          Rolls all 42" wide

                          Full diameters

            All first grade quality.  Price $.50 per pound for mixture of both types.

            Samples available.

            FOB:  Southeast USA

G11. SAP - Super Sacks

            Very good quality 

            Sack weight - 1,800 lbs each

            Large quantity available ongoing

            $0.75/lb FOB US port

J8. Furniture Skirt Liner Rolls

            Polyester nonwoven used in skirting applications for furniture.

            Typically 175 GSM, Color- White.

            Skirt liner has strong bonding to make it stiff.

            Very good price  -  ongoing supply

            Contact us for further information and samples.

K8. Bilaminate

            30 GSM - PP spunbond laminated with 26 GSM film to make Biflex 56 GSM

            Rolls are 45, 75, 90, 150, 170 CM wide.

            Color: bluish green

            Made for Paul Hartman for medical drapes.

            All first grade in original packages.

            Approximately 50 metric tons.  FOB Europe.

L8. Polyester Regrind

            Pellets made from purgings.  Very clean.

            The I.V. may range from 0.4 to 0.7.   Some with higher I.V.'s if needed.

            Products are produced at 4 plants in the United States.

            Pictures available.

            Continuous supply.

            Good for spunbond polyester and polyester fiber production.

M8. Airlaid Rolls: Wrapped & Capped

            First grade quality Georgia Pacific

            Ongoing inventory monthly availability

            40 to 80 GSM

            Roll widths 5 to 100 inches

            We can limit scope of basis weights and desired widths.

            Prices $.60 to $.75 per pound.

            FOB Wisconsin area

N8. Tissue - Towel - Napkin Lots     Monthly

            We have lists of bath tissue, bleached towel 1 ply, napkin 1 ply,

            facial tissue 1 ply, repulp napkin.

            We have a monthly list available of the above combinations.

            First grade quality.   First grade packages.

            Very good prices.  Ongoing supply.

            All from leading producer in the United States.

O8. Spunlace Wiper:  Rayon/ Polyester Blends

            Color: White

            Roll widths 7 inches to 84 inches

            Blends 20% to 30% Rayon - remainder polyester

            All wrapped full diameters

            World class producer seconds

            All very good quality

            Contact us for samples or a typical breakdown of our inventory.

            $.60 per pound or less

            FOB Southeast USA



F8.  NEW BICO Technology For Carpet Backing & Other Applications

           Roofing / underlayment

           Italian NEW lines - Unique & low cost advantage

           Makes products new to markets.

           Contact us for more information.

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